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UBuildIt was the best decision we have ever made. We saved around 30K on the construction costs. We are very happy customers!

Doug Johnson


4 Stars

UBuildIt was a total blessing! We had planned on using another local custom home builder to build our home. After getting frustrated with the total lack of information and  transparency, we decided to call UBuildIt. As previously stated, they were a total blessing! Not only was our total cost less than previously  quoted, we have several features that were considered an upgrade  included. If you are looking to build a new home, don't pay any  attention to these *** reviews by anonymous people. Call them and ask for client referrals. I am one of them and will happily give you my opinion of their services.I am pretty confident that I am not the only one. 

I liked: What they said and what they did were identical.    

James George   

POSTED 2017: Review #1032326             

5 Stars

My wife and I are extremely happy with the work UBuildIt Kansas City did for us. We talked to many other builders in the area and did not get the enthusiasm or sincerity that we received when we met Jim and Elizabeth.

They understood exactly what we were wanting and offered suggestions  to make it even better. We now have everything we always wanted but did not think we could afford. Plus, we were able to use what they saved us added some additional perks to our home. I would highly recommend UBuildit Kansas City to anyone who is thinking about building a custom home.

Doug Johnson

POSTED 2017: Review #1032440

5 Stars

My wife and are currently building our new home with Ubuildit. I like Ubuildit for several reasons, but planning and execution of that plan are my main ones. We wanted to save costs in building our new home and being involved was they way we decided to do that. Ubuildit’s program allows us to  choose the contractors and budget for them. We get to see our house built and we can be involved and do some of the work ourselves! This allows us to get more house for the same budget and still have equity when we finish!I would recommend to others to use Ubuilit and I have. 

POSTED 2017:  Review #977317

5 Stars

We love UBuildIt!

We couldn't be happier with the UBuildIt team. Everyone in their office has been extremely helpful during the whole process.

Our custom home was finished in less than 6 months and under budget. We talked with other custom home builders who  wanted 20% more than we ended up spending with UBuildIt. I would recommend them to everyone. We have friends and family members who are  planning on using UBuildIt for their new home. I often wonder why people leave bad reviews and I guess they were  just having a bad day because every part of the process went smooth with UBuildIt. We love UBuildIt. 

We love our new home thanks to Ubuildit.

Steve Allen

Posted Review 2017: Review #968826

5 Stars

I had researched multiple options for companies to help me build my own home. I wanted a custom home without the cost of hiring a general contractor.

Overall I saved a little more then 20% of the cost to build. That allowed me to build with very little down and gave me equity in my home  from day one. I worked in construction in school but choose another route and have not had much experience in the field since then. I found the program easy and well written and I was able to build my  home with ease.I would recommend this program to all that wish to be completely involved in their home build.

Posted Review 2017: Review #976971

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